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Creating next-generation sushi culture

Pioneering a new era of medicinal herbs and ingredients, mainly medicinal salmon.

company name

BKTC Co.,ltd


Odaki Yuki


Jan 18, 2021


  1. Product development and sales of foods, products, cosmetics, alcoholic beverages, and supplements using medicinal herbs
  2. Breeding, product development, sales, and processing of fish bred using medicinal food
  3. Establishment and operation of e-commerce sites
  4. Publication and sale of books, textbooks and photo collections
  5. Operation and management of cooking school
  6. Management and operation of lectures and sales events
  7. Joins Nadeshiko Sushi
  8. Consulting services related to medicinal herbal cuisine, store operations, and product development
  9. Manufacture and sale of processed and canned foods
  10. Any and all businesses incidental or related to the preceding items

Profile of CEO

After graduating from Joshibi University of Art and Design, she worked at a department store before taking a job at a sushi restaurant and working as a sushi chef both in Japan and abroad.

she has given workshops to Nobel Peace Prize laureates and sushi demonstrations at international high brands and companies. She has also held invited events at New York sushi restaurants, participated in international sushi events in Berlin and Stockholm, and was selected as a guest speaker for the "World's 50 Best" 2020. Starting in 2021, she will give lectures and demonstrations at fisheries events of the FAO, the Food Organization of the United Nations.

She developed and sold Yakuzen Salmon, a functional food containing original medicinal herbs. He is currently developing her own proprietary medicated feed for a wide variety of fish.

"As a female sushi chef, I have worked to communicate Japanese culture to the world through the art of making sushi. As a result, I have gained worldwide media attention and decided to start my own business to develop a product that represents the next generation of sushi by leveraging the power of my brand. We will continue to develop and sell "Yakuzen Salmon" ingredients based on salmon cultivation using our proprietary Yakuzen feed, and will promote it as a business model for female entrepreneurs who are aiming to become sushi chefs"

※Yakuzen salmon = medicinal salmon

Odaki yuki