Food education

"Cooking and eating" We communicate the three hearts to children through the workshop.

  1. A heart of appreciation for eating, food and chefs
  2. Hospitality when offering food to people
  3. The heart of art through cooking

Nigiri Sushi

Making sushi oneself


It is required to make sushi according to the procedure. Making the size of rice balls uniform, arrangement that is easy to eat and looks beautiful, how much the texture changes with holding strength, since one process is short, you can learn in a short time.


Decoration sushi roll

Making a thick roll with a face design of animals such as frogs and pandas.


Children are delighted by the faces of animals that appear when you cut a thick roll with a knife. You can cultivate the ability to accurately weigh considering the size of the face parts and the ability to make while thinking of the completed design.



Making assorted sashimi

  1. Making assorted sashimi using the ingredients and tableware prepared first.
  2. point

    Learn that appearance is also an important factor that stimulates appetite. It is required to work efficiently and in a short time.

  3. Arrange according to a theme
  4. point

    According to the theme (eg, sea, sky, park, stars, etc.), consider and arrange foodstuffs as something else. Free imagination is required.

  5. Actual meal, review
  6. point

    Everyone eats and reviews each other's dishes. Develop communication skills by being evaluated and evaluated simultaneously by people. It is a good stimulus to feel something something different from your own sense.